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Mingli College was founded in July 2020. The name “Mingli” is refined from The Doctrine of the Mean, 'study extensively, in quire prudently, think carefully, distinguish clearly, and practice earnestly'. The college is committed to cultivating students to understand the truth of the nature and 'the whole world', guiding students to firmly establish the learning concept of 'study serves the rational and practical purpose', forging the lofty ambition of 'Hoisting self-cultivation and understanding, then using science and technology to serve our country'. In the name of 'Mingli', the college encourages students to grow into 'ejuvenation of the pillars, the vanguards of the powerful country' with lofty ideal, the first-class knowledge, the world-wide mind, and the spirit of pursuing truth.

The college closely follows the concept of 'value guidance, innovative education', adheres to the correct values to guide young people, and proposes the '7100' initiative (that is, exercise 1 hour a day, 7 days a week, for a long period time) in conjunction with relevant colleges in order to encourage students to 'Be reasonable and strong. Do honest work, then serve the motherland', and to achieve the all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor. The College adheres to innovative ideas, actively promoting the reform of cross-university training with the department as the unit.We build an innovative laboratory of Mingli College, vigorously cultivating students 'innovative consciousness and ability, which helps the high-quality development of undergraduate talents training in the school.